IPPE Expo 2016 Programme

We look forward to meeting you at IPPE Expo, come visit us on Booth B3737, Hall B! Meantime, read on for a preview of our plans during the show.



Incubation, Automation and Climate control in one network
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Increasing consumer awareness of the origin and safety of food means that today’s retailers and fast food chains demand complete traceability from their suppliers, especially when choosing fresh produce, meat and poultry products. Meeting this demand is shaping the future for modern hatcheries.

SmartCenterPro™ is an industry-first innovation, designed for the welfare of the chicks and unparalleled in its power to ‘super-connect’ every process in the hatchery. SmartCenterPro™ fully optimises uniformity, reduces the hatch window and enables total efficiency through automation, handling and even hatchery maintenance, to deliver the day old chicks to the farm quickly and comfortably.

New for USA Hatcheries: SmartCenterPro™ will be officially revealed to Southern and North American hatcheries during IPPE Expo 2016. Visit us in Hall B on stand B3737 to find out more!

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People you know, Products you can trust

Bringing you total hatchery solutions. From development to installation and beyond, with leading technical support services. There is real strength and depth in our technical support, which from planning to installation, ongoing training, hatchery optimisation, parts and service comes with the full backing of Pas Reform Academy and a dedicated group of US-based project managers and hatchery specialists from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.


Case study: Aviagen France

Working in partnership with US-based sister company NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, Pas Reform has combined 132 egg flat setter tray compatibility with the most advanced SmartPro™ hatchery technologies, to engineer a state-of-the-art solution for Aviagen France that sets a benchmark in terms of environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability. Watch the film

Smart NF™ single stage incubation

The Smart™ NF incubation series incorporates the latest intelligence into the needs of modern breed embryos, to create precise incubation environments that optimise uniformity and help the chicks to achieve their full genetic potential throughout the poultry value chain. Read more



SmartCount™, an industry first chick-counter that uses vision technology to reduce the stress traditionally placed on the day old chicks in the counting process to a virtual zero, while gathering the most accurate flock based information on weights and uniformity. Read more



We look forward to meeting you at IPPE! Come visit us on booth B3737!

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