Lifetime services

SmartCare lifetime services

With every hatchery solution from NatureForm, you have the option to set up a Lifetime Service Agreement, structured to meet your exact requirements. This ensures that you can rely on optimal performance and accuracy for every hatch cycle.

Free to focus on your business, you can rest assured that NatureForm will provide you with proactive, preventive service and parts, software upgrades and improvements,
as well as post-installation training and direct access to the support and expertise of Pas Reform Academy.

Helpdesk support

NatureForm offers helpdesk support to maximize availability and response times. With customers in more than 100 countries around the world, our highly skilled and dedicated team of service engineers is available 24/7, to provide first line support that includes:

  • 24/7 helpdesk, 365 days per year
  • Guaranteed availability and response time: 99% of all calls answered by a service engineer within 30 minutes
  • Single contact for all disciplines: mechanical-, electrical- and software-related queries
  • Real-time remote support and fault analysis
  • Specialist incident assessment and management

SmartCenterPro™ hardware & software support

SmartCenterPro™ is NatureForm’s most advanced web-based hatchery information software: a dynamic information system that gathers real-time data at every level of operations, for fully comprehensive hatchery analysis and reporting.

As increasing amounts of data become available to improve hatchery processes, we are committed to the continual development of SmartCenterPro’s™ software – and with a Lifetime Service Agreement, our customers are entitled to all new releases and updates throughout the lifetime of their contract.

In addition to accessing all new releases and updates, a Lifetime Service Agreement entitles you to assistance from one of our software specialists. It also provides a complete hardware support package, including a repair or replacement promise.

Recommended spare parts

In a modern hatchery, equipment uptime is essential. A parts failure can bring the hatchery operation to a standstill, quickly incurring rising costs if a hatch is lost or an automated process has to be substituted with manual labour for a period of time. Having spare parts in stock therefore plays a key role in keeping the hatchery running smoothly, by enabling repairs to be made immediately.

NatureForm can help identify the key items for your stock holding, working with you to define and setup a recommended stock list. Parts will be delivered and re-ordered when they are used – and in the case of parts under Warranty, any replacements or repairs will be carried out under NatureForm’s Warranty conditions. During inspection visits, NatureForm will check the spare parts stock with you, to assess usage, identify any missing parts and ensure that your recommended stock remains completely up to date.

NatureForm maintains spare parts stock in several service locations around the world. For less commonly requested or specialist parts, we will ship from our Global Distribution Centres in The Netherlands, USA and Brazil – usually within 24 business hours. In addition, any part can be ordered 24 hours per day via our online web shop.

Remote analysis & advice 

With the ability to log and store increasing amounts of data, it is possible to extract valuable information from every area of hatchery operations, providing detailed real-time monitoring and analysis for every hatch cycle.

NatureForm has an experienced team of service engineers who, working in conjunction with our specialists from Pas Reform Academy, can deliver a complete data analysis service for your hatchery. Carried out periodically, our team will deliver a full report, including results and recommendations to assess and inform your hatchery management decisions.
This service includes:

  • Data logging for all the critical information that is available in your hatchery (ie. connected for data gathering
  • Periodic analysis (at frequencies agreed with you) and diagnosis of process data and settings
  • Detailed reports and analysis
  • Cycle reports, including traceability from Flock to Farm where SmartCenterPro’s™ Track-and-Trace module is connected
  • Feedback about possible (future) challenges and advice for fault correction and process optimization

Periodic inspections

Periodic, structural inspections of your hatchery equipment increase uptime and decrease costs, by reducing the risk of failures or defects.

As part of our Lifetime Services programme, NatureForm’s specialists will carry out periodic inspections, to report and advise on the status and condition of your equipment. Based on their findings, various service activities may be recommended, such as scheduling a preventive maintenance program, to be undertaken by your own hatchery staff or by NatureForm  technicians. Minor repairs and adjustments will also be carried out during the visit, which will include:

  • Inspecting mechanical, electrical and pneumatic field components
  • Control software updates for machines
  • Checking and if necessary replacing incubation sensors
  • Carrying out minor adjustments, small repairs, preventive and corrective maintenance
  • Advice on spare parts management
  • On-the-job training for technical staff

Update training

NatureForm provides update training for those who have previously followed our Operator & Technical training or Hatchery Management training.

Operator & technical update training

Operational and technical staff need to be skilled across multiple disciplines in order to operate and maintain the complete installation for sustained, optimised hatchery performance. Regular update training refreshes your team’s enthusiasm and ensures that, for both new and existing staff, their knowledge remains up to date.

The frequency of update training is scheduled by agreement with you and will include:

  • General technical overview of installation
  • Guide through technical manuals
  • Technical and operational training, both theoretical and practical
  • Preventive maintenance training
  • Trouble shooting, based on both theoretical and practical case studies

Hatchery management update training

The hatchery management update training teaches participants about the latest developments in incubation technology. These training programmes are specific to your hatchery installation and full consideration is given to the specific situation and requirements of each participant. They include:

  • Practical guidelines for the various procedures needed throughout incubation
  • Break-out analysis of clear and un-hatched eggs, as well as judging the quality of hatched chicks
  • Troubleshooting and fine tuning in each aspect of hatchery management, including hatchery hygiene

Preventive maintenance

Regular, preventive maintenance increases quality and decreases costs in the hatchery. This is why we make such programs part of the Lifetime Service Agreement that is available for all NatureForm equipment.

Working with you, we write a dedicated maintenance plan that fits your needs and the capabilities of your maintenance crew.
If you don’t have a maintenance team, the programme can also be carried out by NatureForm, as on-the-job training or as part of your Lifetime Service Agreement.

Your Preventive Maintenance programme works in conjunction with your Spare Parts replacement schedule – and we will ensure that any parts needed are delivered on time to correspond to your maintenance programme.

Incubation consultancy

Continuous process improvement demands the periodic analysis of quality, efficiency and costs. NatureForm offers this service to our customers, to provide an independent, hatchery-wide review. Your full report will include advice on current practice and results – and if necessary, how to make improvements to solve specific challenges and help to drive performance upwards in the future.

Incubation consultancy is undertaken by Pas Reform Academy’s most senior incubation specialists, to include:

  • Preparation and consultancy based on customer data and hatch results
  • Clear reporting and graphs, based on historic process data from SmartcenterPro™
  • Advisory reporting and an action plan for achieving further process and quality improvements
  • Plant tour, to review and address factors such as hygiene, contamination, climate conditions, energy saving and quality
  • On-the-job training
  • On-site presentation of final report, results and recommendations


With a reputation for developing and delivering market-leading hatchery technologies, NatureForm monitors, develops and invests in new and emerging technologies continually, as part of our product development programme.

Our aim is to improve our products and ensure that our customers benefit from the most effective, future-focused solutions. Our investment is directed at helping you to reach the highest levels of efficiency and quality in your hatchery operations, while at the same time reducing operational costs.

This programme is linked to the Lifetime Services Agreement, to include automatic software upgrades for existing customers, with all the benefits of the latest new functionalities and improvements.

You will be proactively informed about products reaching end-of-life status, together with news of the upgrades that are available for your equipment. It’s a service designed to ensure that your hatchery operation continues to operate at peak levels of performance, efficiency and quality.

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