Planning services

SmartCare planning services

Building or modifying a hatchery requires a great deal of expertise across varied disciplines, from design and layout, engineering and specification, to developing accurate calculations for the hatchery’s ideal design, manpower and energy needs and ROI. All these skills are required not only to configure and set up the hatchery successfully, but also to project its future needs – and returns.

Many difficult choices have to be made, to create an efficient, high quality operation that will ultimately deliver business success.

During this crucial phase, NatureForm can support your planning with advice based on many years of knowledge and experience. We can help you to define a solution that meets your needs and circumstances – and provides a compelling, confident business case for Boards, banks and investors.

Building design support

Choosing the right location for the hatchery is often the first choice to make. Whether expanding an existing operation, or building a new one, the position and layout of the building defines the routing of the hatchery’s processes and the equipment that needs to be accommodated.

Understanding the types of technology and equipment and the options that are available, for example to optimize the welfare of the day old chicks or the energy efficiency of the building, is therefore a massive benefit to the planning, design and construction of the hatchery. Making the right choices will reduce running costs, while increasing hygiene and efficiency.

At NatureForm, we have the experience to provide an advisory service for your architects. We will offer many ideas and options during the planning phase, to help you make the right choices for optimal building design and specification.

Layout design & specification

Planning your hatchery’s layout is the first opportunity to visualize your project: what capacity is needed? What type of machines will you use – and how many will you need? What about future expansion?

From planning for incubation and climate control to automation, there are many options and many choices to be made, to fully optimize your new hatchery’s layout and specifications. And it all starts with you – and your vision!

With the experience that comes from designing hatcheries for customers of all sizes, all over the world, NatureForm can help you to define and visualize your plans. We will take every aspect from the groundwork up into consideration, so that every area of your hatchery is designed to deliver optimal performance.

After a process of consultation to understand your vision, we will deliver design and layout drawings, together with specifications for the equipment needed to realize your ambitions – and with all the detail you need, to make budget calculations and define and present your business case.

Manpower planning

Manpower can account for significant operational costs throughout the lifetime of a hatchery and needs to be taken into account when designing a new facility.

Whether to adopt high levels of automation or increase the number of personnel to do the work often depends on market circumstances and the availability and cost of employees. However cost is not the only concern. The integration of automated systems may also impact process efficiencies and ultimately the quality of the chicks. Calculating and analyzing the costs and benefits of manpower and automation is a complex task.

Having worked with hatcheries of every size and type, from startups to well-established ‘superhatcheries’, around the world, NatureForm has the experience and the models to deliver accurate, fully documented cost benefit analyses for several options. These are fully documented, to support your business planning and ROI calculations.

Return on Investment (ROI) calculations

A solid business plan must not only include details of initial investment, but it must also set out a detailed picture of operational costs. Only with a very complete representation of these total numbers, can Return on Investment, or ROI, be calculated realistically.

However assessing ROI for varied scenarios, for example to illustrate sliding scales of hatching capacities, the level of automation or the use of energy-saving options, will produce very different ROI results.

Working closely with you, NatureForm can help you to make detailed ROI calculations for several options. And with the experience of working with more than 1,000 single stage hatcheries around the world, we can often identify options that you may not have considered before.

All these ROI calculations are fully documented, to help you make the right choices and develop a strong business case that will support the financing of your project.

Financial advice

To realize your hatchery development project, your Board, bank and investors are of course looking for a solid business plan with realistic ROI calculations and detailed financial planning that demonstrates a viable and exciting – profitable – proposition.

But even with detailed planning and what looks like a great plan – securing financial backing is not always easy, particularly in some emerging markets.

NatureForm can assist you, by providing access to a trusted, established network of financial partners to look for a tailored plan, which may include credit facilities or looking at lease options to get your project off the ground.

Energy consumption advice

Energy consumption affects both operational costs and the environment – and as a matter of global concern, your approach to delivering energy savings has implications far beyond the walls of your hatchery. In some markets, it may even affect your ability to finance your project.

NatureForm can provide detailed energy consumption calculations, working with you to define related operational costs and look for ways to deliver savings. We’ll help you to calculate the actual benefits of choosing sustainable solutions such as Energy Saving Modules™ (ESM™) or to understand the difference between using electrical or water-based heating systems in your incubators.

For each option, energy consumption is calculated and documented in ROI calculations that will help to define your approach to Energy Saving, and deliver demonstrable, sustainable benefits that further strengthen your business plan.

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