Project services

Smartcare project services

With the planning phase completed, many different skills, disciplines and timelines need to come together – perfectly aligned to deliver your vision for an extended, refurbished or brand new hatchery.

NatureForm offers a full range of project management, engineering and training services, to help steer your project through the construction phase smoothly, on time and on budget – right through to startup and the delivery of your first successful hatch.

Project management

To ensure that your project is implemented on time, on budget and to meet all your specifications, NatureForm assigns an experienced project manager to be the single point of contact between you, your team and NatureForm. Your project manager will be involved in every aspect of the project, from start to finish, with responsibilities that include:

  • Master planning to include milestones and deliverables
  • Quality management during delivery, installation, commissioning and start-up
  • Checking and delivery of all the documentation required for shipping and installation
  • On-site design meetings with your team and any other contractors, to discuss and progress construction schedules
  • On-site inspection meetings before and during the installation of all NatureForm equipment

Detail engineering

Based on the specifications and total project design of your hatchery project, NatureForm’s engineering team delivers detailed plans, including all drawings, installation diagrams and parts listings.

These documents provide master reference for the ordering, production and installation of all equipment in your hatchery project.

Installation & supervision

NatureForm assigns a project installation supervisor to ensure the overall quality and scheduling of your installation. Assigning an installation crew is typically the responsibility of our customers locally. However should this not be possible, for whatever reason, NatureForm will provide an installation crew as required to complete the installation.

Your project supervisor will remain on-site throughout the installation of NatureForm equipment, with responsibilities including:

  • Supervision and planning of customer and/or contractor installation team(s)
  • Being the primary on-site contact for all technical queries
  • Problem solving and if applicable, defining or identifying corrective actions
  • Quality control for all aspects of the total installation, to meet NatureForm’s standards
  • On-the-job training for customer operators and technicians
  • Pre-testing machines after installation to define and eliminate possible defects in an early stage
  • Problem resolution and machine preparation, ready for a smooth commissioning
  • Completing final checks and Site Acceptance Testing (SAT) for the whole project/installation

Operator & technical training

Operational and technical staff need to be skilled to operate and maintain the complete installation. During on-the-job-training, technical employees join the project supervisor during installation and operators join the incubation specialist during startup, to be familiarised with the new installation.

In addition, NatureForm offers extended training programs, either on-site or at NatureForm’s HQ in The Netherlands. These training programs are specific to your hatchery installation and include:

  • General technical overview of installation
  • Guide through technical manuals
  • Technical and operational training, theoretical and practical
  • Training on preventive maintenance
  • Trouble-shooting based on theoretical and practical case studies

Start-up support

After testing and commissioning, operational startup begins. NatureForm’s incubation specialists oversee and guide this process, with support for your team on both technical and incubation levels.

In partnership we work together, to deliver an efficient, qualitative and successful first hatch, after which NatureForm defines the project as completed and hands over to your service team or organization.

In addition NatureForm offers extended start-up support (onsite or remotely) during operation, which allows you to add our expertise to your team by requesting assistance for a specific aspect or phase of your project.

Hatchery management training

Pas Reform Academy’s interactive, ‘hands-on’ hatchery management training program is recognised worldwide for the quality of its content and the high degree of confidence that it inspires in hatchery professionals.

A thematic approach focuses on the latest developments in incubation technology, combined in a series of theoretical and practical exercises, where participants learn from Pas Reform Academy’s very experienced trainers and by sharing experiences with other professional hatchery personnel.

The one-week Hatchery Management Training program is held onsite or in The Netherlands, to take advantage of Pas Reform Academy’s purpose built training facilities at our Global Distribution Centre in Doetinchem as well as offering facilitated visits to customer hatcheries nearby. Training is suitable for experienced hatchery managers as well as those new to the field. It is not essential that participants have experience in working with NatureForm incubators.

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