Gamebird Production

Hatchery & Ventilation Equipment for Game Bird Production

NatureForm produces quality ventilation equipment and commercial incubators for hatching eggs of many kinds. Game birds, such as duck and quail can benefit from our hatchery equipment and consulting services.

Our flexible and intelligent designs can meet the demands of any hatchery, along with their specific environmental requirements. With precise control over temperature and humidity through advanced environmental technology, even specialty species with unique condition requirements can be properly nurtured.

All types of commercial incubators for hatching eggs are compatible with NatureForm technology. Hatcheries with older egg tray platforms can be retrofitted with our ventilation equipment, so existing structures can remain intact.

Here are some of the incubators and hatchers available to game bird producers:

  • NMC Series
    Our NMC mini-incubator/hatcher system utilizes advanced circuit breakers to guard against over-current incidents.
  • I-Series Incubators
    Compatible with existing platforms, the I-Series incubator circuitry interfaces with existing alarm systems and incubator compartments.
  • H-Series Hatchers
    The H-Series hatchers are constructed of durable and easy-to-clean .090 fiberglass, and offer remote control activation and monitoring.