Commercial Poultry

Whatever you’re hatching – NatureForm has the equipment to maximize your profit potential!

NatureForm has developed lines of incubation equipment which meet the needs of the modern hatchery and its managers for reliability, performance and ease of use, while providing a natural incubation environment. NatureForm maximizes hatching performance and chick quality. Put us to the test!

Commercial Poultry Production


Phoenix Series Setters and Hatchers
Commercial Poultry Incubators by NatureFormThe Phoenix Series of setters and hatchers provides independent control of all parameters and along with a flexible footprint and trolley design it is the most ultimate hatchery equipment available. The Phoenix series ranges in size from 9,600 eggs to 126,000 eggs making it suitable for any production requirement. It is also uniquely available in all popular tray configurations. Utilizing our vast experience with designing custom incubators for the research and pharmaceutical industries we have developed the ultimate commercial single stage system with the following advantages over our competition:



  • Our ventilation technology is incorporated into the total design of the machine from the ground up, inside and out. Ductwork, fan housings, mixing chambers, radiators, air channels and other after thoughts are not needed to compensate for design inadequacies. We keep it simple, like nature.
  • Fuzzy Logic & Humidity Control
  • By eliminating belt drives we eliminate the CO2 loss, cross contamination, maintenance and dependability issues associated with them.
  • No ductwork or “hidden” areas in the machine
  • No air recycling or mixing thus eliminating cross contamination in the ductwork
  • Minimal ductwork outside the machine.
  • No disassembly required for cleaning of the machine
  • NatureForm’s use of PID with “fuzzy logic” temperature and humidity control technology allows the most precise environmental control available maximizing performance and energy efficiency while optimizing the embryonic environment.
  • Can be built around any existing egg tray platform i.e. Jamesway, Chickmaster, Petersime, HatchTech, Pas Reform etc.
  • Direct Drive Fans
  • Direct drive fans are more efficient than belt drive fans.
  • Incubator is completely sealable for COv(2) control
  • Easy loading, unloading and cleaning for maximum labor efficiency
  • Minimal number of parts reducing cost and maintenance while improving dependability
  • Majority of components are industrial machinery parts supplied by leading global companies and available worldwide



  • NatureForm’s exclusive patented Naturecoat™ polymer coated coils improve thermal conductance by up to 70% as compared to non-coated coils resulting in substantially reduced costs for heating and cooling.
  • Through the use of 3-phase direct drive motors and variable frequency drives incorporating harmonic mitigation technology, NatureForm offers the most energy efficient and dependable fan drive system on the market.
  • Our high density extruded closed cell polystyrene fiberglass skinned panels are 13% thicker overall and have a 45% thicker skin than our competitors resulting in
  • Fiberglass Skinned Panels
  • NatureForm's Patented Polymer Coated Coils
  • considerable improvement in thermal efficiency, panel strength and longevity. The closed cell polystyrene prevents “wicking”, bacterial growth and the panel delamination commonly experienced by our competitors.
  • Virtually all machine components are accessible from the front panel without the need to open the machine or access its roof.


Available Sizes and Configuration
SETTERS P1152 576S P384S P192S
No.of Trolleys 24 12 8 4
Chicken Eggs (150 Tray) 115,200 57,600 38,400 19,200
No. of Trays 768 384 256 128
Chicken Eggs (165Tray) 126,720 63,360 42,440 21,120
No. of Trays 720 360 240 120
Chicken Eggs (168 Tray) 120,960 60,480 40,320 20,160
No. of Trays 720 360 240 120
Turkey Eggs (30 Egg Tray) 26,880 13,440
No. of Trays 896 448
*Dimensions (in cm) for 150 Egg Tray
Depth 685 363 368 211
Width 430 430 348 348
Height 234 234 234 234
No. of Trays 291 291 291 291
Chicken Eggs (150 Basket) 38,400 28,800 19,200
No. of Baskets 256 192 128
Chicken Eggs (165Basket) 42,420 31,680 21,200
No. of Trays 180 120
Chicken Eggs (168 Basket) NA 30,240 20,160
No. of Baskets 180 120
Turkey Eggs (126 Basket) NA 21,168 14,112
No. of Baskets 112
*Dimensions (in cm)
Depth 363 290 211
Width 348 348 348
Height 234 234 234
Hieght (Equipped) 291 291 291


All dimensions are shown for 150 Egg Tray configuration. Call us to know more about other tray format specifications.