SmartPro™ NF Single-stage incubation



The modern hatchery faces three key challenges to future growth and profitability: genetic progress, uniformity and post hatch performance. NatureForm meets these challenges with our next generation SmartPro™ product range, now expanded with the NF Series to accommodate a wide variety of tray types.


Meeting tomorrow’s challenges in the hatchery… today!

NatureForm has been at the forefront of single-stage incubation design and technology for the past fifty years. Building on the tried and trusted success of our Smart™ incubation systems, NatureForm’s new SmartPro™ system takes this principle a stage further, to fully maximise the benefits of homogenous temperature control.

The modular design of the SmartPro™ incubation system enables you to carefully manage the individual conditions required by the developing embryos. By controlling each incubator fan tower zone separately, a range of incubation environments can be fully tailored, to meet the specific needs of every egg being incubated, according to its breed, flock, age or storage profile.

The full SmartPro™ NF incubation system comprises SmartSetPro™ (Setter) and SmartHatchPro™ (Hatcher), combined with the SmartTouch™ incubator control system. SmartCenterPro™, the most complete hatchery management software in the industry, completes the set up by combining a powerful hatchery management information system with data from incubation, HVAC and hatchery automation – all in one, seamlessly integrated software module.


SmartSetPro™ NF Series


  • Highest industry cooling capacity: Modern breeds generate more metabolic heat now than in the past – and detailed research to forecast future developments has enabled NatureForm to calculate cooling capacities not only for today’s breeds, but also for their offspring in twenty years from now. SmartSetPro™ has the highest cooling capacity of any incubator in the industry, based on two double circular cooling coils per fan tower zone.
  • Turning in line with airflow, set points per fan tower zone: To achieve homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the machine, SmartSetPro™ has a double fan blade per fan tower zone, to ensure that the mixing profile is optimised throughout the incubator. Incubator trolleys are individually turned by a pneumatic piston, in line with the airflow produced by the incubator’s fan tower. Fan blade design combined with accurate trolley positioning in the incubator achieves counter flow air movement in the cabinet, for superior temperature distribution in the entire incubator, whether it holds 4 or 24 trolleys.
  • Optimised weight loss patterns through simultaneous humidity and CO2 control (Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™): In a single stage incubation environment, achieving the correct weight loss profile for each hatching egg is critical to producing maximum numbers of the best quality day old chicks. SmartSetPro™ incubators provide the active, simultaneous measurement and control of humidity and CO2 during incubation. Based on the Adaptive Metabolic Feedback™ (AMF™) principle developed by Pas Reform Academy, this ensures the accurate replication of predetermined breed or flock specific weight loss patterns.


SmartHatchPro™ NF Series


  • Circular cooling system™: With a deep understanding of the impact that metabolic heat production has on the growing embryo, NatureForm has calculated SmartHatchPro’s™ cooling capacities for today’s breeds and also for projected breed requirements in twenty years from now. SmartHatchPro™ incorporates two double coil ’circular cooling systems™’ per hatcher fan tower zone. The circuits are fully integrated with robust, double fans on either side of the cooling coils, to deliver uniform cooling and temperature distribution throughout the cabinet.
  • Automated hatching system: Fully automated processes deliver greater accuracy. SmartWatch™ monitors and adjusts the hatching process automatically, from the day of transfer through to the hatching of the last chicks, eliminating any need for human intervention. Field trials prove that the systematic measurement and control of temperature, humidity and CO2 production, combined with the use of current and historical data to adjust the hatcher environment automatically, consistently produces high uniformity in every hatch cycle.
  • Hygiene: SmartHatchPro™ is constructed of high quality, smooth-walled ‘food-safe’ anodized aluminium profiles and polystyrene panels. Its robust cabinets are resistant to strong disinfectants and corrosion and extremely durable. The absence of closed air ducts on top of the machine improves hygiene and sanitation.


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