NatureForm’s “I” Series

NatureForm’s ‘I’ Series Incubators

I Series Incubator with Single or Multi Stage Option

Available in either single or multi-stage units, NatureForm’s I-series incubators will revolutionize any hatchery. Our advanced incubators feature improved sophisticated environmental controllers, as well as upgraded electrical and physical components.

Complete Temperature & Humidity Control

The I-series incubators showcase intuitively-designed microprocessor-based controllers for both temperature and humidity. Accurate to a precise 1/10 of a degree, our humidity controllers and platinum temperature sensors can match the natural embryonic environment of any species. The optional dry humidistat feature is accurate to +/-2% relative humidity, which means no wet bulb servicing. Remote control and monitoring features are also optional, as well as CO2 monitoring and vent control upgrades.

Advanced Physical & Electrical Components

Solidly constructed out of reinforced .090 fiberglass, the I-series incubator is incredibly durable and easy to maintain. The roll-in/roll-out drum design and knock-down construction style make for simple cleaning and configuring. With a Robbins’ style motor mount, the I-series incubator is fully compatible with most Robbins’ trays, transfer tables, and washers. Roto-vent systems provide adjustable air settings and all incubator compartments have independent electric turning systems.

Our incubator heating elements utilize advanced mercury displacement relays, vastly improving reliability and reducing maintenance. The I-series circuit breaker system improves over-current protection and features an alarm circuit that interfaces with existing alarm systems.