NatureForm’s NMC Series

MINI Incubator Hatcher Combination

NMC Series Incubator & Hatcher

Electrical Benefits

  • Mercury displacement relays in heater element improves reliability and reduces maintenance
  • Circuit breakers improve over-current protection
  • Alarm circuit interfaces with existing alarm systems

Physical Benefits

  • Reinforced .090 fiberglass construction
  • Roll-in, roll-out dolly expedites cleaning
  • High density polyethylene hatch pans and trays for longer life.
  • Most Robbins’ trays, flats, transfer tables, and washers can be used
  • Incubator compartments have independent electric turning systems
  • “Knock down” style of construction lowers shipping costs

Fully Automatic!

Temperature and Humidity Control Benefits

  • Sophisticated, user friendly microprocessor-based controllers
  • Controllers and platinum temperature sensors are accurate to 1/10 of a degree. No overshoot problems.
  • Optional dry humidistat that is accurate to +/-2% relative humidity. No wet bulb servicing.
  • Digital readouts for temperature and humidity
  • Remote control and monitoring capability (optional)
  • CO² monitoring capability and/or vent control (optional)
Capacities NMC-1080 NMC-1080 NMC-2000 NMC-4680 NMC-7000
Chicken 1,080 1,620 2,340 4,680 7,020
Turkey/Duck 864 1,296 1,872 3,744 5,616
Quail 3,420 5,130 7,410 14,820 22,230
Pheasant 1,656 2,480 3,588 7,176 10,764

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