House of Raeford Farms celebrates new state-of-the-art hatchery


Monetta, South Carolina – June 15, 2016: House of Raeford Farms celebrated the grand opening of its new, state-of-the-art chicken hatchery with a ribbon cutting ceremony today. The new 63,000-square-foot facility features advanced technology designed for optimum production efficiency, and is fully automated to allow for the highest levels of biosecurity, quality control and operational analytics. This level of control produces a very tight hatch window, and provides assurance of consistently healthy chicks.

“It has been a pleasure to partner with NatureForm and Pas Reform to bring this new hatchery to life. After seeing firsthand the quality and consistency of the new chicks produced using this new technology, we had no doubt that this was the best route to innovating incubation for our company,” said Bob Johnson, House of Raeford president and CEO. “House of Raeford Farms is deeply committed to our communities, to our growers and to producing the highest quality products. Quality starts with healthy chicks. This advanced operation provides yet another layer of quality assurance.” Temperature, static pressure, and humidity are centrally controlled throughout the building to keep eggs and embryos in perfect condition.


Bob Johnson, House of Raeford president and CEO

“This collaboration with House of Raeford is a perfect example on how to jointly execute a state of-the-art hatchery with all the latest that a hatchery can hold in terms of single stage incubation, advanced climate control and hatchery automation,” said Bouke Hamminga, director of sales and business development for Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies. “We are proud of the final product, a one-of-a-kind U.S. hatchery, created as a result of this collaborative new venture.”

House of Raeford currently works with more than 85 contract growers to produce more than 40 million chickens each year. The new facility, set to officially open June 22, is expected to produce more than one million birds per week.

“We greatly appreciate House of Raeford’s $16 million investment to construct and operate one of the most technologically advanced hatcheries in North America right here in Aiken County,” said Will Williams, president and CEO of the Economic Development Partnership in Aiken, Edgefield and Saluda counties. “This investment will provide the county with more than $200,000 in new property tax revenue the first year of operation, and nearly $3 million in revenue for Aiken County over a 20-year period.”


Photo L-R: Will Williams, President & CEO of Economic Development Partnership of Aiken, Edgefield & Saluda Counties, SC; Honorable Ronnie Young, Chairman, Aiken County Council; Harm Langen, CEO, Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies; Steve Warren, President, NatureForm Hatchery Technologies; Bob Johnson, President & CEO, House of Raeford Farms, Inc.; David Rush, Assistant Complex; Manager, W. Columbia Complex, House of Raeford Farms, Inc.; Danny Sanders, Live Production Manager, W. Columbia Complex, House of Raeford Farms, Inc.; Bouke Hamminga, Director of Sales & Business Development, Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies; Gayle Sharpe, Hatchery Manager, W. Columbia Complex, House of Raeford Farms, Inc.; Jim Mabe, Complex Manager, W. Columbia Complex, House of Raeford Farms, Inc.

NatureForm appoints new regional sales manager


With a string of major new account wins in recent months, NatureForm Hatchery Technologies is expanding its management team with the appointment of Robert Bowen as regional sales manager for the Western US.

With 19 years’ in live production and incubation sales, Robert brings a wealth of experience both in sales and as a hatchery customer to his new role. In sales, Robert previously held sales management positions with Incubation Systems Inc. and ChickMaster, while his hatchery experience includes the roles of breeder hatchery manager for both Koch Foods and Tyson Foods.

Speaking about his appointment, Robert says: “I am delighted to be joining NatureForm in what is a very dynamic period of expansion for the business.

“Having worked on both sides of the fence, I understand the challenges the US poultry industry faces and I have enormous confidence in NatureForm’s equipment solutions to boost hatch results and improve chick quality. This plus having access to Pas Reform Academy training for hatchery customers here in the US makes this a very exciting career move for me.”

Welcoming Robert to the business, NatureForm CEO Steve Warren concludes: “Robert’s focus on building robust, lasting customer relationships comes from a place of knowledge and understanding. We are very pleased to be welcoming him to the NatureForm team and wish him every success in his new role.”

Robert Bowen can be contacted by email at: and by telephone on (601)480-4781/(800)282-6252

Pas Reform and NatureForm bring the future into focus for Aviagen France

Aviagen has awarded the contract for the renovation and expansion of its Ross PM3 and Ross 308 GP hatchery in France to Pas Reform

Working in partnership with US-based sister company NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, Pas Reform has combined 132 egg flat setter tray compatibility with the most advanced SmartPro™ hatchery technologies, to engineer a state-of-the-art solution for Aviagen France that sets a benchmark in terms of environmental impact, animal welfare and sustainability.

The Ross PM3 remains an enduring favourite in France – and as Aviagen’s Ross brand celebrates 60 years at the forefront of poultry breeding and genetics, the Grandparent stock hatchery at Champtocé sur Loire will, says hatchery manager Louis du Boberil, become a centerpiece in the company’s plans: a model for increasing production, saving energy and operating at peak efficiency and biosecurity, while at the same time increasing hatching capacity by 50 per cent, to more than 6.5 million broiler breeders per year when it becomes fully operational in the second half of 2016.

Designed for optimum performance, Pas Reform’s web-based SmartCenterPro™ hatchery information system will register precise incubation climate data from NatureForm’s Smart™ NF-12 setters and Pas Reform’s SmartHatchPro™ hatchers, seamlessly integrating and optimizing the entire incubation cycle, while enabling personnel to monitor and adjust incubation climates both on and offsite via PCs, Smartphones, tablets or their home internet connections, if necessary.

Energy efficiency and optimum bio-security are key features of the 3,500m2 hatchery complex. A range of energy-saving features include advanced heat recovery systems, ESM™ Energy Saving Modules on every incubator and regulated controls for every pump, air handling unit and exhaust fan, to align energy usage to real-time productivity. Atmospheric pressure-control in every room maximizes bio-security throughout the hatchery’s strictly one-way product flow.

Pas Reform’s Wim Hazekamp led the team responsible for the project. He says: “The requirement to retain 132 egg flat trays for Aviagen France’s GP hatchery redevelopment created a relevant opportunity for Pas Reform to work with our US partners at NatureForm on this project. The result is a highly integrated, precision-engineered, sustainable hatchery environment, purpose-designed to deliver Aviagen France’s plans for the future.”

Louis du Boberil concludes: “Having completed the first incubation cycles, we are now finetuning to fully implement all the new systems – and based on what we have seen so far, we expect significantly reduced heating and energy costs, enhanced bio-security and improved product flow and processing within our first year of operation.

“This is an exciting and important project for Aviagen France and a centerpiece in fulfilling Group ambitions for the future.”

Wishing you the happiest of holidays and a successful 2016

For all our customers, partners, colleagues and friends around the world, with our warmest wishes for the Festive Season. We look forward to connecting again after the holidays, as we work together to achieve continuing growth in 2016.

Granja Rodriguez Serrano hatchery upgraded in record time by NatureForm

Global vaccine egg supplier VALO BioMedia has upgraded its European Granja Rodriguez Serrano hatchery in Spain in record time, with new setters from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

The 17-setter installation, a new for old replacement programme, was completed in a record two-week timescale by NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, avoiding any disruption to production in the vaccine hatchery.

“With extensive experience in the vaccines market, NatureForm totally understood the very specific requirements for this project,” says NatureForm CEO Steve Warren. “Within 14 days, all the existing machines were dismantled, floors were repaired, electro-mechanical works were completed and the new setters were installed, ready to resume incubation in line with Granja Rodriguez Serrano’s time-critical production schedule.”

Valo BioMedia is a leading global supplier of vaccine eggs, which are used to produce both human and animal vaccines, as well as for pharmaceutical research purposes. Alongside Spain, the Company has facilities in Germany, Brasil, Mexico and North America, for a localized presence that is critical to working in partnership with its research and pharma clients worldwide.

With a long history of working with NatureForm incubation, Granja Rodriguez Serrano  decision for the replacement of setters in the Spanish hatchery was, says Antonio  Rodriguez Serrano, Manager Granja Rodriguez Serrano, a logical choice. “NatureForm has always been an excellent, knowledgeable and responsive partner in the past.

“As a vaccine egg supplier, our production schedules are extremely time-sensitive. This  refurbishment enabled us to continue meeting our current commitments, while also ensuring that Granja Rodriguez Serrano is primed and ready for future growth, as a result of increased demand for vaccine eggs in the market.”

House of Raeford contracts NatureForm Hatchery Technologies for new SmartPro™ single stage hatchery in South Carolina


House of Raeford, one of the nation’s top ten largest chicken processors, has announced that affiliate Columbia Farms will build a state-of-the-art new US$16 million broiler hatchery with SmartPro™ incubation systems in the Batesburg-Leesville area of South Carolina.

Employing around 20 staff to produce more than a million birds a week on four hatch days, the new hatchery will be equipped with the most technologically advanced SmartPro™ setters and hatchers, a complete HVAC system and an entire range of hatchery automation systems. Construction is expected to take up to 18 months.

Commenting on the new project, complex manager Jim Mabe said: “It is the right time to significantly upgrade our live production operations – and that starts with investing in the early life of our birds.

“Following the careful evaluation of several possible incubation systems, our technical group decided to work with NatureForm Hatchery Technologies. They seem to have the most experience for building such a state-of-the-art single stage broiler hatchery here in the United States.”

According to assistant complex manager David Rush, who led the evaluation project, it was the quality of the day old chicks that ultimately compelled Columbia Farms to select Pas Reform’s SmartPro™ system from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies for the new hatchery. “When we saw the health, robustness and uniformity of the day old chicks produced both here in the US as well as in the European operations that we visited, we had no doubt that this was the best route to innovating incubation in our company.

“We were further convinced by the high levels of technical support and comprehensive back up from NatureForm’s US headquarters in Jacksonville Florida for spares and service,” he continues, “which we believe is of vital importance when building and operating a project of this magnitude.”

SmartPro™ single stage incubation allows for precise, zonal temperature control, which delivers a higher hatch of fertile and superior chick uniformity. The entire operation will be fully automated to support high levels of bio-security, with ‘Track and Trace’ functionality as an integral part of the quality control and hatch cycle analysis provided by SmartCenterPro™, Pas Reform’s most advanced, next generation hatchery information software.

Steve Warren, president of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies comments: “The partnership that we have formalized this year with Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies, has given us critical mass and the technical know-how to bid on large, new hatchery projects.”

“With more and more contracts requiring a complex combination of incubators, HVAC and hatchery automation systems, we are able to demonstrate NatureForm Hatchery Technologies’ ability to deliver competitive, technologically superior projects in the USA. The Columbia Farms project is an excellent example of this.”

Sales executive Jack Hubbell believes that having access to the expertise of Pas Reform Academy has been an important factor in explaining NatureForm’s new concepts for the US market.  He says, “The week-long hatchery management training course that we held in Iowa earlier this year proved to be an excellent platform for sharing the latest intelligence with invited delegates.  The Pas Reform Academy perfectly complements our customer-focused approach and will be an asset to all our future projects in the USA.”

The West Columbia/Leesville complex, one of five operated by House of Raeford, currently works with 87 contract growers that supply the integration with 40 million chickens per year. With operations geared to providing ready-to-cook chicken and further processed chicken and turkey products for food service, retail and export markets, House of Raeford’s current operations include a feedmill in Monetta, a hatchery in Batesville-Leesville SC and a processing plant in West Columbia.

Pennsylvania’s Joe Jurgielewicz & Son will expand duck integration with NatureForm


US duck producer Joe Jurgielewicz & Son Ltd. is fuelling further growth with a new single stage expansion from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies at its Shartlesville, Pennsylvania location.

Construction of the hatchery wing, an extension of the existing facility, is due for completion by July of 2015 and will include new single stage Smart™ NF setters and Smart™ NF  hatchers.

Originally founded on Long Island, New York, the Company – home of ‘Tasty Duck’ – has long been a leader in the production of Peking duck, a popular dish in the USA, Today, as a fully integrated operation, the Company supplies whole ducks and a full range of duck products to retail and restaurants.

With its long-standing associations for the supply of specialist Duck incubation systems in the USA, NatureForm Hatchery Technologies is well regarded in the Duck sector and has supplied Joe Jurgielewicz & Son with incubators for some years now with exceptional results.

In looking toward the future, the company says it was a matter of due diligence to look at several incubation systems that could support a change-over to single stage incubation and be a partner for the long-term.  After reviewing all the options the decision was a relatively easy one to make.  NatureForm Hatchery Technologies’ President Steve Warren concludes: “Our collaboration with Pas Reform has once again proved to be a powerful factor in cementing ongoing partnership with our customers.

“The single stage technologies in our new Smart™ NF setters and hatchers are well proven for producing uniform, high quality day old ducklings that perform well on the farm and we are delighted to be continuing our association with Joe Jurgielewicz & Son.

“We look forward to helping this family business continue to grow for decades to come.”

Pictures L-R: Dr. Zach Lowman; Bouke Hamminga of Pas Reform;  Joe Jurgeliewicz; Steve Warren and Jack Hubbel of NatureForm and Mark Miller at the Shartlesville PA home of Tasty Duck.

NatureForm Hatchery Technologies launches ‘Smart’ hatchery training in the USA

In collaboration with Pas Reform Academy, Natureform Hatchery Technologies has launched its Hatchery Training Programme for hatchery professionals in the North American poultry industry with an inaugural event held in Iowa.

First announced at IPPE earlier this year, the new training programme, which gives NatureForm Hatchery Technologies customers unique access to the latest research, insights and practical training from Pas Reform Academy, delivered classroom sessions in Webster City, with practical training at Centurion’s state-of-the-art SmartPro™ hatchery in Clarion.

With delegates from Columbia Farms, Tyson Foods Group, Pilgrims, Koch Foods, Holmes Foods, Moyers, Murray McMurray Hatchery and hosting company Centurion Poultry, the week-long programme included egg quality, storage procedures, incubation programmes, incubator and hatcher management and evaluating chick quality, as well as the latest developments in hatchery lay out and routing, hatchery climate control and hatchery automation systems. Sessions were led by Pas Reform Academy’s director of R&D, Dr Marleen Boerjan PhD, course director Gerd de Lange and incubation specialists Tiny Barten and Terry Doss, with guest lecturer Chris Williams from global animal health company Zoetis.

President of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies Steve Warren comments: “When we started our collaboration with Pas Reform in January, it was our ambition to share the wealth of expertise and leading edge science from Pas Reform Academy with the poultry industry in North America.

“Based on the response to our first training programme here in the USA, this combination of classroom theory and practical training, that has worked so well for Pas Reform in its international markets, looks set to be great asset for our customers here in the USA as well.”

“We have seen that this is a valuable tool in communicating with our customer,” says NatureForm Hatchery Technologies’ sales director Jack Hubbell, “Not only in creating an excellent platform for interaction within our customer base, but also by feeding new insights into the latest incubation technologies in the USA back to Pas Reform Academy.”

The training programme has, concludes Jack Hubbell, opened new avenues for further auditing and troubleshooting sessions with customers. “This combination of training weeks and technical service visits is central to our strategy for working in partnership with customers in the years to come,” he says, “and we are already looking forward to our next Pas Reform Academy Training Programme in the USA.”

USA’s Holmes Foods renovates hatchery with single stage incubation

Single Stage Incubation from Natureform Hatchery Technologies

Holmes Foods has placed a new order with Natureform Hatchery Technologies as it continues the renovation of its Gonzales-based hatchery in Texas, USA.

The company first installed Phoenix machines in 2010, when it placed six single stage Phoenix P18 incubators in test alongside six single stage incubators from a previous supplier.

Holmes’ Breeder Hatchery Manager Joe Weber says, “The Phoenix single stage machines have outperformed our previous incubators in terms of hatchability and post hatch performance. When compared with our existing multistage operations, the improvements are even more significant.”

As each Phoenix single stage incubator occupies the same footprint as the company’s existing multi-stage machines, Holmes Foods will be able to renovate and expand its hatchery operations on the same premises, reducing the expected return on investment time to less than three years.

Mr Weber says news of Natureform’s new partnership with Pas Reform was a pleasant surprise. “Pas Reform Hatchery Technologies has the longest experience in single stage incubation in the poultry industry – and they offer the support and expertise of Pas Reform Academy. This combination of a committed R&D department with new machine developments and a hands on approach to training demonstrates a wealth of knowledge and great confidence in the US industry.”

In the second phase of the renovation project, Holmes Foods is adding nine more P18 incubators and plans to replace the entire hatchery with Phoenix single stage incubation from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

“The formation of Natureform Hatchery Technologies has been so well received by the industry”, says Steve Warren, the company’s President, “The integration of our founding companies has created a business capable of delivering total solutions for projects of any size and we truly appreciate the continued confidence that Holmes Foods has placed in NatureForm Hatchery Technologies.

“They are fantastic people to work with and we are delighted to be supporting the renovation of their Gonzales hatchery.”

Outstanding results for Willmar/AG Forte with Phoenix incubation

Phoenix Single Stage Turkey Incubators from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies

Willmar Poultry Company/ AG Forte is reporting outstanding first hatch results following the recent installation of 12 new Phoenix single stage turkey incubators from NatureForm Hatchery Technologies at its hatchery in Aurora, Missouri.

First hatch results are close to breaking all previous hatch records, with almost 91 per cent hatch from eggs set. Flock vs. flock against results recorded with previous equipment is up across the board, with increases ranging from 1 – 9.6 per cent.

“We have been working with Natureform Hatchery Technologies for over two decades and appreciate their knowledge and dedication. We consistently have outstanding service from them and excellent performance from their equipment,” says Richard VanderSpek, President & COO at Willmar Poultry Company/AG Forte.

“The watchword that describes the relationship between our companies is collaboration. Expanding this now to include Pas Reform adds a new level of knowledge and commitment. We have been watching Pas Reform and we are impressed by their R&D facilities and capabilities. We look forward to this new partnership as a dynamic resource for the US poultry industry.”

Steve Warren, President of NatureForm Hatchery Technologies, adds: “NatureForm has traditionally been very strong in the turkey market, with dedicated machines designed specifically to support the turkey incubation process, which is more challenging than that of broilers and layers.

“Our new partnership with Pas Reform extends and deepens this knowledge – and we look forward to sharing our combined research and capabilities, through specialised incubation training courses with the turkey sector worldwide.”